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"It was a very moving event and quite a healing experience for me ... honesty....realness ...and the fact that it ended with we listen to one another as human beings things can change."
D Weaver (Former Military Chaplain)




“Extraordinarily emotional evening. Intensely moving personal experiences of war from First World War to Afghanistan."
(John Suchet, Presenter, Classic fM)

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By Beck Donaldson | November 14, 2019

“It was a privilege to introduce this. Congratulations to the performers!” (John Suchet) “You sensed harmony everywhere: not just between the performers but with us in the audience too. We were drawn in.” “… a great occasion and wonderful to be there!” With a standing ovation ringing in our ears, we are looking back with immense gratitude…



This was one of the most memorable events of my life ... and I was at Live Aid! (Exeter Cathedral audience member)

Every one of the speakers and their moving description of war will stay with me for many years to come. (Clifton Cathedral audience member)

From Then Until Now is in my top 10 ever Festival events – and I have been in this business for 38 years. (Rosie Turner, Director of Canterbury Festival.)

I felt we were there, it was as if Andy took us on a magic carpet. We met the people he encountered. We could smell the good and the bad on that journey, from torture chamber to cafes and breathtaking hilltop towns that have withstood centuries. It was a story of hope in the darkness.

The most moving, profound and important event in Canterbury Festival 2018.

How very beautiful to have a Muslim and a Christian both singing a prayer at the same event – this shows us how it should be really.

I just loved how the audience started singing at the end, as if we were all saying “yes, this is how it should be!”  It was just organic.

That was magnificent …. completely magnificent! (Clifton)

Many congratulations on ‘Journey Through Conflict’ – it was magnificent in every way.

You told the story in a magical way. It is still in my thoughts today. (St James Piccadilly audience member).

After the event a lot of the audience members came up to me and shared some amazing stories of their own personal journeys, in relation to Islam, Muslims, politics.

I was privileged to be at all but the last ten minutes of your session, and I heard very positive feedback from colleagues and Festival goers who were lucky enough to be there. 'Profound', 'moving' and 'powerful' were the words I heard most.

This was a very powerful, thought-provoking and immersive compilation of human sacrifice and the ability to survive. (Clifton Cathedral audience member)

I liked the honesty and the realness of the event and the fact that it ended with hope and with the sense that as we listen to one another as human beings things can change.

Nicholas McCarthy’s brilliant piano and Richard Rochester’s evocative painting of Mametz Wood provided a perfect setting.

The singing (Nawroz Oramari) was extraordinarily special and brought a sense of creative pain as he cried for his country with anguish, using his fascinating technique which was new to me. What a gifted singer.

The lighting of the nineteen candles was deeply moving and it was so good to involve the audience by inviting them to come forward, thus making all of us involved.

I sensed you all felt the complete, intense connection between the cast and audience.. (St James Piccadilly audience member)

Left the event having the idea that spending time with people on all sides of conflict, drinking tea, or whatever it is, talking, sharing, gives potential for peaceful resolution.

I just wanted to take this opportunity to say a huge thank you, to you, the cast and all the Production Team, for what was a truly memorable, poignant and fitting tribute.

Thank you for such a fantastic presentation this evening.  I won’t be able to sing the words “O Lord hear my prayer….” In the same way ever again.  A powerful and emotional experience that needs to be shared.

I was massively moved by @GeneralAndyS @jtcasobe last Friday at Bloxham.  Thanks Andy, you are a true leader!

A truly wonderful evening - many congratulations! (Exeter audience member)

I was sitting next to a Bishop who was all rapt attention, and our wordless look at the close was more eloquent than anything else could have been and this brief summary is but a pale reflection of a truly stunning evening!

(This performance) was truly magnificent, noble and full of forgiveness, faith and hope… The experience of seeing it will stay with me for as long as I live. (Exeter audience member)

The musical accompaniment was achingly beautiful and while the presentation had begun with the muezzin's call to prayer it finished with the equally haunting Christian chant "O Lord hear my prayer" that had the entire audience joining in spontaneously.

Andy Salmon is a spellbinding storyteller and the narrative of his military experiences in Iraq interspersed with musical contributions from Tom Donald (piano), Nawroz Oramari (song) and Ismail Ginwalla (Call to Prayer), enthralled the audience for an hour and a half.