“It was a privilege to introduce this. Congratulations to the performers!” (John Suchet)

“You sensed harmony everywhere: not just between the performers but with us in the audience too. We were drawn in.”

“… a great occasion and wonderful to be there!”

With a standing ovation ringing in our ears, we are looking back with immense gratitude on a fantastic evening in London which we were privileged to share with so many of you. Our album IRAQ is now officially launched! If you missed the media broadcasts surrounding this, including London Live TV, BBC London and BBC World Service, they are currently available on catch-up and will shortly be posted on our website.  

In response to an increasing number of requests to donate to our work online, we will be adding this facility to our website soon – thank you again for your support, without which we cannot exist!

If you are looking for gift ideas which will also promote our continuing work towards reconciliation and inspiring journeys to a better life, just click here for copies of IRAQ CDs and downloads.

And to those of you who came to the event – we would love to have your feedback. Also we’d welcome your response to the album. Simply email Beck on We look forward to hearing from you!