Looking forward to a great summer!

As the JTC team approaches summer the groundwork done over the winter months is starting to bear fruit. Each of our participants in Journey Through Conflict – From Then Until Now has been hand selected for their unique story and artistry. Hours of phone conversations, meetings over coffee, lunches and beers in various parts of the UK have uncovered an amazing band of men and women of all ages, disability and rank from across the services – our first rehearsal together is imminent and we are so excited to see these wonderful people all together for the first time. Now we are going to start a journey together – to produce a poignant and attention-grabbing event for the Autumn WW1 Centenary which weaves exquisite live piano repertoire from WW1 around the personal narratives of our veterans from WW2 and recent conflicts – there is original artwork and drama too ….very proud of each one in Who We Are section!